Everything Inside

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Love is everything
there is
in everywhere
beyond and within
above around and below

let it dance on you
devour your soul
let all the rest
of everything

inside of you is everything
beyond you is
out of your reach

be expansive
be emblazoned
and daring and great
let nothing
keep you
falling and rising

in all its strength and wisdom
in all its power and might

the thing about love you’ve heard
that it’s silly and mushy

forget it
I speak not of that kind

I speak of the truth of the inside of a stone
the might of the wind and the waves
rushing the shore

I speak of Love
not of littleness, or pity, or tame

I speak about light of brighter
than imagination
louder than the sharpest spark
more decadent
and sheer
than linger of rain

on slate
in the grass
mist rolling on plains

I come to you
pleading just see
the love that I speak of

is inside of
outside of
that is


Written by Allison Conway

4 thoughts on “Everything Inside

  1. Mike Pratt

    Wow, Allison! This is a beautiful poem. Your outlook on love is special and refreshing. it is a word that so many people use without understanding why they are saying it. Love goes far beyond the typical definition we are given.

    Your words are a constant inspiration! :)

    Have a beautiful day!

    1. longandluxe Post author

      Dear Mike,

      I am humbled indeed, thank you so kindly. Sometimes I wish there were a new word for love just so people would know the depth of it. But you know it. Creatives know it’s power and vibes. Bring it forth, I say!

      Until we can find that new word . . .

      Wishing you peace and everything love is :)


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