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Dear ones,

By now you may know I’m something of a meditation junkie. It’s become my lifeblood and deepest form of spiritual connection. But there are other benefits of practicing meditation that may come as a bit of a surprise to you. In fact, they were a surprise to me!

I began the practice to quiet my mind and center into who I was, in order to be able to shine more light into the world. This is happening for sure.

But I had no idea the abundance of additional gifts I would be met with including increased peace, confidence, acceptance, alignment, and creativity. How in the world can this be??

In my latest article for Collective Lifestyle magazine, I describe just how miraculous (yet practical) this practice can prove to be:

Five Surprising Benefits of Meditation

The Universe is positively teeming with the coolest gifts for you! If I had one wish it would be for you to experience every single brilliant one.

Peace, always.