Picking Sides


On the other side of fear
is peace of quiet,
stillness of
impossible kind

lies and cursing
do not exist

only beauty of the lightest
fullest divine

slay the dragons
spit out the knives
light up the skies

let rage rumble and go
let peace fall like rain
in the dark

on the other side of fear
is joy beyond measure
calm beyond walls

on the other side of fear
lies pleasure
it’s true

on the other side of fear
is you


Written by Allison Conway

12 thoughts on “Picking Sides

    1. longandluxe Post author

      Thank you so, dear d! Yes, I write all of the poetry on my site. And I must say, knowing that it touched you brings me the greatest joy! Thank you so, so, so.

      Peace ~ Allison

  1. Gabriela LeBaron

    Perfect poem for my moment! I am facing lots of fears these days! I especially like “slay the dragon, spit out the knives”(I will use my awesome sword for this!) and “let rage rumble and go”

  2. Mike Pratt

    As always, your words are a joy to read! Wonderful poem, Allison :)

    Fear is a poison, and it will affect even the most strong and healthy among us. Slaying fear can bring about great changes. Fear often paralyzes and holds a person back from achieving lifelong happiness and joy. Will destroying fear be the magic solution for a better life? Maybe not, but it will certainly help!

    Have a beautiful day!

    1. longandluxe Post author

      Hi Mike!

      So glad to hear you enjoyed this one. It tumbled out of me one day and I tweaked it a bit until she was ready. Thank you for reading and for your kind words :)

      I guess part of me believes there are only two sides to our lives. One driven by fear, the other by love. We get to pick one side or the other. By choosing love we choose our true selves, cutting through the fear that keeps us paralyzed just as you say.

      Wishing you peace and beauty today!

      ~ Allison

  3. The Fashion Huntress

    Beautiful- thank you for sharing. I read somewhere that there’s generally something great on the other side of fear if we can have the courage to keep going. Your poetry beautiful conveys that sentiment~ xo

    1. longandluxe Post author

      Thank you! I’m so glad this spoke to you. I am presently slaying some dragons so to speak and am betting on love over fear. Seems I have picked a side!

      Peace, always ~ xx


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