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Together One

why are we born?
so that we
can be together

why do people die?
so that we
can come together

why is there war?
to teach us
to come together

why such sadness?
to teach us
to come together

why would he
leave me?
to teach others
to come
to come

why are we so
far away
from each other?
to show us
the need
to come together

why do we seem
for disaster?
to show us
the need
to come together

why is there
so that we can
come together
to heal

not some of us
all of us

not to be
just to be

all of the hate
and war and destruction
and hopelessness
and helplessness
and unrest and fear
will cease
to be

when we just learn
the lesson
they came
to teach us
to come together


Written by Allison Conway

This poem is dedicated to a friend of mine whom I’ve never met in person and who may not even get to read this. But I have been following his blog for some time now and yesterday he got really, humanly honest and expressed his sadness about the state of our culture.

Why is he so dear to me if we’ve never met? Because he’s one of the people putting the good shit out there. He’s used his writing to bring light and authenticity into the world. And I thought really hard about what he was saying.

I thought so hard I could feel his sadness.

He’s not the only one who despairs sometimes. It’s not easy to soothe the deep hurts that our culture inflicts upon itself. It seems we have created problems from our ego minds and to solve these problems we cannot seek egoistic solutions.

We have to think bigger than that; higher than that.

So this poem isn’t just for him. It’s for you, too, and for all the troubled souls who just need a reminder of the power of all of us, to heal all of us.

Peace, my dears, always.