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We all have those days when we would really rather stay home and snuggle than get dressed and head into the office. What if you just wore yoga pants to work?  But could you really? Wouldn’t you feel like you got away with something?

Sure you would. And to help pull it off without sacrificing your otherwise stellar professional rep, here are eleven tips to guide you in (stylishly) wearing yoga pants to work.

1. Cover your ass! Granted, this phrase all too common in the office as it is (“CYA” anyone?) but in this case the meaning is quite literal. If your yoga pants show off the curve of your bottom, cover that lady lump with a long sweater or tunic. Otherwise, opt for wide leg yoga pants that hang down straight from the fullest part of your bum.

2. Wear black yoga pants. This means all black. No stripe down the side, no tie die band at the top, no logos or lettering. Plain black. Black is the go-to professional color and it blends into most office settings very discreetly. People won’t notice your pants, just another pair of black pants in a sea of many.

3. Don’t wear yoga pants with a blazer.  The contrast will be too absurd.  Instead of dressing up the pants, a crisp blazer will just highlight their extremely casual appearance. Opt for a longer, well draped cardigan instead.

4. Yoga pants must not be transparent.  This should be a no brainer in any office environment. If this is at all a question in your mind, you probably need to be reading another set of tips entirely.

5. They must be wrinkle, pill, and pull free. And please, no frayed edges. The pants must not be buckling or sagging at the knees or appear “worn in” or “worn out” in any area. Remember, the cleaner the appearance, the less they stand out.

6. Pair them with a dressy sweater. A smartly cut sweater with gold buttons or embellished faux pockets will look professional and is in line with the overall casual knit look. A beautiful sweater will subtly kick the whole ensemble up a few notches.

7. Pair them with a long crisp collared shirt and a wide belt. A basic white shirt and attractive belt will keep all eyes above your legs.

8. Wear them with dressy flat shoes. There are some beautiful velvet and embroidered smoking flats out this season and they are just professional and comfortable enough to take these pants up a notch without being overpowering.

aerosoles Aerosoles Smoking Flats

9. Don’t wear pumps or heels with yoga pants.  This will give the impression of trying much too hard to pretend they are not yoga pants. If you have a very long pair of yoga pants, however, try wearing them with black wedges to add height.

10. Wear them on a low key day. Ideally this is a day you aren’t hosting customers, clients, guests, or VIP visitors. Don’t wear them to an interview or a meeting with the CEO.  Depending on your office environment, yoga pants may only be a “casual Friday” option. If you follow these tips you can get away with wearing yoga pants to work – but let’s not push it, loves.

11. Wear an interesting necklace.  It will draw the eye up and keep attention above your waist.

It may be that you will want to own a pair of yoga pants that are strictly for those rare but necessary ultra casual office days. This way you know you can grab them in a pinch and they will meet all of your semi-professional looking needs.

What do you think, would you dare to work a pair of yoga pants . . . at work??